Receding gums, also called gum disease or periodontitis, refers to an inflammation of the structures surrounding and supporting the teeth. Regrow receding gums from getting worse if left untreated, it can progress to destruction of the jaw. It is one of the most frequent causes of dental loss, as well as a risk factor for heart disease and preterm delivery with low birth weight.

The Gingivitis is the earliest stage of gum disease. You can resort or even chronic. If not treated properly, it can progress to periodontitis, an inflammation of the periodontal ligament that holds the tooth on the bone.

Periodontitis is sometimes referred to as gingivitis or pus discharge. Some of its causes affect the jaw bone. A clear case of abruptly appearing gum disease is known as trench disease, receding gums, gingivitis or Vincent’s infection.

It is due to an infection produced at once by a spirochete and a fusi form bacillus. It is currently especially common among teenagers and young adults under stress, usually at the time of testing. The inflammation of this disease can spread to the nearby tissues of the face and body.

By far the main cause of receding gum or gum disease is poor dental hygiene.

How To Regrow Receding Gums From Getting Worse?

Regular brushing and flossing often remove food scraps and bacteria that grow in the mouth. If hygiene is neglected, the bacteria accumulate and form a plaque on the teeth and gums that, if not removed, mix with the saliva and form tartar.

The Tartar irritates the gums and causes the teeth to shrink, opening spaces where they can accumulate even more bacteria and plaque. This cycle progressively increases inflammation and infection.

The mechanisms by which bacteria destroy tissue in advanced periodontitis are still not fully understood. It is believed that various bacterial products that extend through the tissue play a role in periodontitis.

Some studies show that the amount of endotoxin present correlates with the severity of periodontal disease. Other bacterial products include proteolytic enzymes, molecules that digest the proteins they find in the cells, causing cell destruction.  

The human immune response has also been implicated in tissue destruction: as part of a normal immune response, white blood cells invade areas of inflammation to destroy bacteria. There are some issues that add to the development of periodontitis. 

The smokers have a probability ten times higher than non-smokers to present periodontics.      

Hormonal figures favor the development of bacteria in the mouth. In this way pregnancy, puberty, menopause and the use of oral or injectable an ovulatory can create a climate that facilitates the development of periodontitis.

Medicines that may contribute to the development of periodontitis include phenytoin (in people who have undergone organ transplants), and calcium channel blockers (stabilizing blood pressure and heart rate).

The main symptoms of receding gums are redness and inflammation of the gums, which bleed easily; the pain is usually minimal. People with periodontitis have the same symptoms, as well as pain, tooth loss, and bad breath. A dental abscess and pus may appear. Vincent’s disease includes a sudden onset of symptoms with pain, bleeding gums, bad breath and a stained secretion covering the gums.

Natural Remedies To Treat Gum disease receding Gums

  1. Take a daily cup of water with the juice of a fresh lemon for the bleeding gums and, after 30 minutes, pass through the gums neem leaves previously washed.
  2. Wash your teeth with a mixture of sodium bicarbonate and hydrogen peroxide to thoroughly clean and fight the infection.
  3. Applies aloe Vera gel or aloe Vera directly to the gums to reduce pain and inflammation.
  4. Pour one tablespoon of cider vinegar into one cup of water and perform several types of mouthwash daily and regrow receding gums naturally.
  5. Prepares an herbal mouthwash with 30 g of the gold seal, 30 g of myrrh and 500 ml of water.
  6. Massage gums with eucalyptus infusion, witch hazel infusion or the contents of a vitamin E capsule, performing scrubs with a circular finger along the gum line for 15 minutes daily.

Recommendations To Regrow Receding Gums Naturally

Brush your teeth daily, in addition to passing the silk thread, after meals. Toothbrushes should be changed every month, as bacteria tend to accumulate in them; should be soft to avoid any injury to the gums.

Once in a while visit the dentist if you have a tendency to periodontitis to control the health of the gums and teeth. A dental hygienist should clean his teeth regularly, especially if there is an increased tendency to form plaque.


Consuming foods rich in zinc, copper, folic acid, vitamin E, selenium and vitamin A or other beta carotenes, as they are very useful to delay the onset of periodontitis, especially if the person has nutritional deficiencies. Daily supplementation with coenzyme Q10 is also recommended.

Eat foods rich in flavonoids (blueberries, hawthorn berries, onions, and grapes) because they reduce inflammation and strengthen gum tissue.

Avoiding the consumption of processed foods such as sugar, white bread, and cereals, contribute to the formation of the plaque so they should be avoided, while those rich in vitamin C should be consumed daily (this vitamin is important for maintaining healthy gums, And Supplementation may be necessary).

Avoid smoking, as tobacco reduces the absorption of vitamin C.

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